Apply for membership of the Chili Association

We are bound by passion for chilies. When you’ll join, we promise that you’ll get new experiences, at least from chilies. You will get best recipes and suggestions for using chilies with food and for growing. From us, you can get seeds and latest wisdom about chilies. As a new member, you will receive a seed package for starting your own pepper growing hobby and fair amount of membership benefits from our partners.


Anyone can join as a member. If you are under the age of 15, we require permission for joining from your custodians. Apply immediately with the form below.

After we have processed your membership application, we will send you a bill. After we receive the payment, you will receive the seed package, newest edition of Chilin poltteessa-magazine and our beautiful membership card.

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Membership fees

Application fee for joining is 5 € and our yearly membership fee is currently 20€. If you live abroad, the application fee for joining is 10 € due to high postage fees.

How do we use your membership fees?

Yearly membership fees will cover association’s upkeep costs. We also eagerly drive our agenda further by expanding the usage and growing of chilies on suitable medias, participating in various events and fairs and spreading wisdom about chilies whereever we are.

Moreover, we arrange many kinds of yearly meetings and events for our members. These are usually free of charge including any food served.

The Association also tries to source seeds of special chili varieties, grows rare varieties in isolated condition for seed production and tries to multiplicate pure seeds of those varieties for spreading among the community.

Being a part of association is being a part of a community. We invite you to join our activity!

Benefits of being a member

Our biggest benefit of course, is the legendary Chilin Poltteessa magazine which will be mailed to our members every year.

Additionally our members will get a brand new, shiny member card which fits nicely in your wallet.