The Chili Association

The Finnish Chili Association (Suomen Chiliyhdistys ry) was officially founded on January 8, 2007, but in practice it has been running since September 1, 2006, when a group of dedicated chili pepper enthusiasts decided to get together and make their hobby official. Thus, the Finnish Chili Association was started.

Some of the members grow capsicums, but the main focus is on using chili peppers in cooking. Unfortunately, the retail shops’ selection of high quality capsicums is still quite limited – often, people end up growing the chili peppers they need for cooking at home.

The Association’s focus points include:

  • Bringing out capsicums as a healthy and flexible ingredient for food
  • Expanding the public’s knowledge of capsicums by participating in events, such as fairs
  • Supporting local sections of the association
  • Guiding members in growing capsicums
  • Organizing meetings for chili pepper enthusiasts
  • Developing international cooperation between chili pepper enthusiasts
  • Aiding the members in acquiring seeds



Suomen Chiliyhdistys ry
Kai Mattlar
Radanvarsitie 40
14500 Iittala

Online presence
e-mail: info(at)

The Association in the Register of Associations

Registration number: 195.486
The Association’s banking services are provided by Osuuspankki
Description of file (Finnish)



Pirjo Koivunen

Vice-chairman and Informant

Markus Haapala

Board members

Henry Hietanen (secretary)
Matti Saloranta (treasurer)
Markus Riuttaskorpi (Chilifest arrangement person)
Mika Kaakkolammi
Ruuti Leisti
Jani Glad

Substituteboard members

Caj Koskinen

Public accountant

Raili Hannus, HTM, TIK Oy