Local sections

If you feel there’s distance between you and the main Association, try meeting fellow capsicum enthusiasts by attending a meeting of the local section! The meetings usually consist of enjoying spicy foods, tasting the members’ own produce, and exchanging some of the rarest seeds you can find. The local sections attend fairs and smaller events, guided by the Association to familiarize people with capsicums and their charm.

You can ask about local sections’ activities directly from the contact person for your area. The easiest way to check the dates of local sections’ meetings is to check the Google calendar embedded to the Association’s website. (at the bottom of the page)

Pirkanmaa section

The first local section was founded in 2012 in the Pirkanmaa region. In addition to the restaurant days and Tammelantori chili events there has been a lot of other activity, especially due to the big role the section has taken for several years in organizing the annual CHILIFEST. The CHILIFEST is an all-weekend event with free entry, where, among other activities, the chili pepper eating world championship is resolved.

Pirkanmaa section discussions and news:
Chilifoorumi – Pirkanmaan aluejaosto

Contact person:
Mika Kaakkolammi

Chilifoorumi.fi username: Whili

Southwest Finland section (aka Proper chili heads)

The active members in the Turku area call themselves the Proper chiliheads and they founded the second local section of the Association. The chiliheads have been very active from the start, and some have even run courses on capsicums at the local adult education center! Many energetic locals are still needed to help out at the spring 2016 fairs, so contact the person below if you can participate!

Proper chiliheads discussions and news:
Chilifoorumi – Varsinaiset Chilipäät

Contact person:
Henry Hietanen
Chilifoorumi.fi username: Hubert

Uusimaa section

The Uusimaa section started out in 2013. The section has participated in large garden fairs in Helsinki, smaller events, as well as gathered to meetings and planning sessions for collaboration. In addition, the Uusimaa section has organized several Restaurant day restaurants. The section is becoming increasingly active, so more volunteers are needed to run the fairs and to plan the other fiery events.

Uusimaa section discussions and news:
Chilifoorumi – Uudenmaan aluejaosto

Contact person:
Lauri Äystö
Chilifoorumi.fi username: Larski


Satakunta section

The Satakunta section started out in September, 2013, in Pori, the heart of Satakunta, which is one of the most active areas of Finland. The section first participated in the TULIruukki event in Leineperi, Ulvila, in October of the same year.

The section was officially founded in a meeting that took place in November, 2013, after which the section became very active. In April, 2014, the section participated in the Satakunnan Piha- ja Puutarhamessut (Gardening fair) in Pori, and in June of the same year, in the one-day event in the garden center Taimimoisio. In October, 2014, the section participated again in the TULIruukki event, which was organized for the second time.

Satakunta section discussions and news:
Chilifoorumi – Satakunnan aluejaosto
Satakunta section Facebook group

Contact person:
Pekka Mäkinen

Northern Finland section

The Northern Finland section was founded by four members of the Association in April, 2014. The Northern Finland section is probably dealing with the most difficult aspect of home growing of capsicums in Finland – keeping the exotic plants alive and well in nearly arctic conditions, and managing them in the white nights of the north.

The Northern Finland section has been active e.g. in Kesäpiha, Osaavat kädet, and Kunnossa! fairs in May, 2014.

Northern Finland section discussions and news:
Chilifoorumi – Pohjois-Suomen aluejaosto

Contact person:
Jani Martimo

Kymenlaakso section (Kaakon kapsaisiini)

The Kymenlaakso section is the newest of the Association’s sections. It was founded by a group of local capsicum enthusiasts in April 2016 and it has already attended several small events. Everybody interested in capsicums is welcome to join; no matter how inexperienced they are.