C. tovarii

Part 1 – Foreword


First, I feel I should tell something about the background of this seed project.

For several years, the Association managed a seed bank, from which members could request seeds for varieties they wanted. However, managing the seed bank required tremendous amounts of time and effort, and it quickly became impossible to continue with the few people that had been assigned to the job. They deserve a big thank you.

Once the seed bank was discontinued, I began thinking about possibly making my own dream true by turning it to a project for the Association. I wanted to grow a single plant entirely isolated from others, thus preventing cross pollination and producing clean seeds. The project was approved, and with no second thoughts, it was sponsored by http://www.chilitarvike.fi/.

I wish this idea takes to the skies and, especially, benefits the members. It hope the Association can, in the future, lend other similar growing kits to the members. The member borrowing the kit would then process the produced seeds for easy distribution by the Association. Furthermore, the member would create more content for the Association’s website by blogging about the project.

– Siku

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Part 2 – Introduction

Chilitarvike has provided me with a grow tent from Greenrevolución, size 60x60x120cm. The tent is just about the right size for a single, relatively small capsicum.
After purchasing a tent when I was still a beginner, I have been somewhat suspicious of them, and I believed the only tent worth purchasing could be the original Home Box.  Based on the initial experience with the new tent, I have been proven wrong.

The tent was, possibly due to the small size, easy and fast to set up. For ventilation, there are four openings which can be closed using a string. For passive ventilation there are three more openings with a net and a flap to close each. The zippers on either side open up to the entire height of the tent.


The reflector is the LuMii MAXii http://www.chilitarvike.fi/lumii_maxii_heijastin. First things to notice are the green plastic hooks used for hanging the reflector. Pretty handy, I’d say. The distance from the socket to the reflector can easily be adjusted without tools by tightening or loosening the socket. Furthermore, the reflector has a V-shaped groove in the middle that makes it extra sturdy and breaks up the light coming straight up from the lamp. The reflector could actually hold a 250W ESL bulb nearly horizontally, but I decided to support the bulb with a length of copper wire just to make sure.




Lastly, the center of the project: C. tovarii.  The individual plant is a cutting taken one year ago from another plant that was donated to me in October, 2012, by a fellow hobbyist known by the nickname biblo.  There are some mentions of the original plant as well as the early life of the cutting in my personal blog at http://sikunchilit.blogspot.fi/search/label/C.%20tovarii (Finnish).




I welcome any comments and suggestions.

– Siku

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Part 3 – Repotting

The project is off to a good start, so I decided to give an update with some pictures on the topic of repotting.


Tovarii is naturally a relatively small plant, but it has spread its branches nicely.


In line with previous experiences, the roots are strong and they are clearly happy with the coco peat.


The Autopot, the filter fabric that goes on the bottom, and the copper mat that prevents root rot.


Some coco peat on the bottom of the pot.


Roots exposed.


Repotting done. Now to wait for flowering and crop.

– Siku

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